Raced down late on Friday, but the driving rain and fog didn't make it a relaxed drive. Made a call, that looked promising, but by the time we surfaced at 10am the next day it was rank. 

The winds seemed to have more west in them, but maybe it was my imagination, anyway it was just an unrideable mushy reef. Breakie, and heard that Newquay was ok, so decided to head down south a tad more. In the process I noticed that it looked like my back passenger side tyre was flat or at least deflated a bit. 

Managed to find the last tyre place open in North Cornwall open and change one of La Bestia's shoes! ;0) - cost 95 squids, less cool, but better than the alternatives.

The main town beach was dropping and messy, so chilled and went to the pub. was still not smitten on our return from the pub, caught up briefly with Joss Ash (who was going in). Headed down a bit more and found a deserted bay that was still overhead, and maybe a tad cleaner.

Had a fun little session, was out there all to myself, except for a seal that hung around for about an hour checking me out, and sticking his head-up very few minutes.

Out and then a quick drive down the coast to get ready for Sunday and the offshore, food and a dvd. All of a sudden a really rude parking nazi came round banging on La Bestia, threats were made about tickets and stuff - really killing the chilled vibe. 

We exchange a couple of choice words trying to explain how uncool he was being, and when he finished shining the torch in my eyes from 1cm away,. tried to take pics of him, as his lack of i.d. was just too dodge. anyway, moved, slept and returned at dawn - annoying little nazi!

Sunday morning was going off, still head high, and this time the winds had more offshore in them. Went in caught up with Eddie who was in there, and scored some head high waves on a peak to myself; before moving to the main peak. But the currents and the quantity of waves spread the pack out enough - was a fun session.

Lunch, sunscreen, check out the waves, met up with Micah Lester who was going in (last time I had seen him was when we closed the M1 with the car fire - long story!), he caught a nice starting back hander. Grabbed my board and jumped in too, making full use of the high tide, catching some nice lefts off the point over the reef.

A chilled arvo and then the drive home, getting back late, but safe and sound.

Hope you had fun wherever you went......


24.06.11 Seals, Nazis & Offshores........