The drive up on Friday night late was spent in driving rain, so it was a gnarly drive.

Nick the Kiwi, had decided to save the first night's accommodation and kip in his tent, which was a challenge to find somewhere to pitch a tent late at night in town - I went to my hotel bed - thank's Del ! ;0)

Woke to see the bay a mess, but Saturday we had decided was a small day to start with anyway, to ease ourselves into it. We hit the beachie in town, which was muppet central, but head high and rideable. We both got some fun waves, and it was a nice mini-session. Although I was freezing in my 3/2mm, so for the rest of the trip I was all winter suited up - yes in July!

In the arvo. caught up with a mate and went exploring, but nowhere new, just the normal spots; but it was either big and messy, or flat and clean. So after an hour we opted for the now bigger and more fun beachie on the pushing tide - was alright nothing to write home about, but fun.

Saturday night was a rush as by the time we got back to the Hotel it was 9pm, so quick showers, grub and out into the Scarborough night. I managed to find the only pub / club in Scarborough with semi-naked chicks dancing in cages - class! ;0) Wiggled on the dance floor, and by 1am we were at the stage of going large or going home - we chose the former in the hope of pumping surf the next day.

Sunday morning's hangover was partly sated by a cooked breakie and some Sprite, as the hunt started for some clean waves. Up hills, through woods, by the cows and left at the bouncy castle - but don't tell anyone!

So after all that hunting, we headed for the safe and less wind blown bet, the beachie from the previous day, which was ok at times. But the f*cking swarm of goatboats all round us was not pleasant as they happily went backwards towards us on overhead waves - stick to the rivers you muppets! ;0)

But we both got waves and had fun, and then a sunny drive home - the sunniest it had been all weekend = typical!

Not epic surf, but a rare East Coast swell in summer which was not to be sniffed at. Anyway was way bigger than the South West (8-10ft on the sets, as opposed to 1-2ft), so no contest. But it was just a bit too messy for the main spots, as there ended up being just too much Northerly in the North Westerly wind (so was more NNW).

But a fun trip overall, more knowledge gleaned, more friends made.

Hope you had fun wherever you went......


23.07.11 By 'Eck it's Cold up North !