After getting back from up North I had a quick 48 hour turn-around and then headed down to Kernow.

Did some stuff around Wreckers Land, before heading down to Newquay in preparation for the funeral of my good friend James Holland on Thursday.

Wednesday I caught up with some of the Yorkshire crew, Gill, Tony & Sie passed by "La Bestia" on their way to catch up with Matt and more food & drink!

Thursday dawned and the funeral was heart wrenching - no shame in shedding a tear for a great friend, good surfer and loving family man who was taken too early at only 33, leaving three gorgeous girls, (8, 5 & 6 mths) and a loving wife.

St Columb Minor Church was rammed and trust Jay to make us all roar with laughter with his own words.

Friday's hangover was very painful - eugh!

Didn't surf while I was down, wasn't really in the mood, Fistral was lumpy overall and got smaller.

Stayed until Saturday, so by the time I got home I'd done 1,400 miles combining last weekend's Scarborough and this Kernow trip, in a week; so was just exhausted on all levels.

So rest in peace dear friend, miss ya lots - James Holland.


26.07.11 1,400 miles in a week.....