Left late and the drive down was a bit of a blood bath.....squashed one rabbit, the next hopped completely under as I drove over at 50mph, the third I braked for, but how slow to get out of the road Mr Bunny!

One vole crushed, the other escaped - arrived tired, shattered and guilt ridden! - but passed out happily.....

Had a relaxed late start on Saturday, went for a walk and a paddle, catching a couple of onshore waves.

Lunch (hate liver & bacon!), then a couple of van chores, and some exploring. Even managed to get in a spot of gig racing which was fun to watch.

Eventually ended up at the main town beach in the afternoon, and caught some fun beach break waves - even got a couple of pics taken of me on the fish with my new toastily warm Snugg wetsuit ( http://www.snuggwetsuits.co.uk - the best UK wetsuits - there you go Malcolm, little plug!). Some mad arm shapes, but when you have to pump it a bit to make the section, all makes sense - my excuse at least! ;0)

Sunday dawned to vaguely sunny conditions, winds were still in ya face, but wen in for an hour or so around High tide and managed to snag a couple of fun head high waves.

The drive home at dusk, saw the Moon rising above the hills = very surreal and beautiful.

Hope you had fun wherever you went.....


13.08.11 Wreckers Land.....