Nick came round early, just as well, since packing "La Bestia" always seems to take hours.

Packed and leaving as the night started to descend, I would like to say the drive was stress-free, but I have never seen so many police cars on one journey before! At one stage, one after another whizzed past us for 20 mins seemingly, non-stop - enough to make even the most legal driver worried! Not to mention the undercover black BMW 3 Series pulling unsuspecting souls over in Devon. ;0)

So after the police interceptors, all that was left was suicidal bunnies, think we found the same one as last weekend - get out of the way bunny! ;0)

We arrived at our secluded spot, made camp and were both in bed by 1am, alarm went off at 6am, groaning, stirring suiting and booting, then the run down through the forest & the tress, before the cliff jump off.

Looked messy, wasn't that inspired, but the Kiwi's enthusiasm pushed me forward. was a good 3-5ft plus on the sets with just the two of us out. I caught a nice right right in-front of Nick, always nice to show the tourist how it's done! ;0) After that was bit of a mediocre session for me, although I snagged a nice shoulder high left, and an okey-dokey one before I got out.

Back to La Bestia for breakie, and then a quick discussion on what best to do, sit still or hunt? - the latter won, and we headed to a spot that rarely works - avoiding the local ducks who had suicidal tendencies too.

We arrived and it looked clean, I was stoked, we suited & booted and legged it down, another reef all to our selves - the second of the morning. Hold -on there's someone else out back, a seal, which the Antipodean insisted on calling Pat (think it must be the affinity with the little fluffy sheep that makes them try to humanise everything - hope it's not a mammal perversion thing - dodgy Kiwi!?!).

So anyway, Pat's reef was cranking, shoulder high plus waves coming in for two hours and not a soul out there, except us and Pat! I caught about 5 waves that all peeled for 80-100 metres, the paddle back was a killer, but super stoked.

Out at midday, lunch and we were both too tired to talk, so siesta time it was. Up again at 5pm in the water at 6 for another two hours to ourselves at Pat's reef - still fun on the set's and clean as anything.

With the wave situation feeling like it dropped ever so slightly in the afternoon, we decided to head to another spot for the 'morrow.

Sunday dawned to onshores (as predicted), but the beachie wasn't great. We forced ourselves in, caught up with a mate outback & rode a few waves in the sun.

We headed home early for a change, the Kiwi "loving the scenery maate" when he wasn't sleeping!

So all in all a blinding weekend, Saturday was off the hook (where we were at least) and we spent it all surfing by ourselves which for August can't be bad.

Hope you had fun where you went.....


20.08.11 Pat's place......