11.09.11 South Coast Posse Wax's Up.....

Conversations earlier in the week, and everyone being busy with little spare time - the only thing we had decided on was to go somewhere.

So on Friday we made the call, & Alex arrived at a punctual German 7am on Sunday, we packed, and left picking up the GatMeister on a random pavement enroute.

On the drive down we saw......two Speed detector vans & three police bikes, and three cop cars, in 50 miles - my fear that Alex was in fact dodging a warrant or something!?!

But Alex maintains that there was some sort of biker fest hence all the blues and two's everywhere.

We arrived sort of late due to abiding by all known traffic speeds, so when we saw it, we just jumped straight in.

The pluses.....it was sunny and warm, there was surf, it even got to overhead on the sets!

The Cons,  major seaweed infestation, I surfed like a kook (but got a couple of waves), the sea was really polluted (when will someone actually keep our seas clean?).

So we had a short one and a half hour fun session in the sun, went up to the cafe, changing in the sun and not some roaring storm (which is the norm for the South Coast).

Had the usual sterling fry-up, conflab as to whether to go in again or go hunting......?!

I took pics of classic bikes.... 

As the swell had dropped, we decided to call it an early one and head back rather than chase the slack swell. We'd had the best of it in the neck of the woods we were in, so went home happy and relatively sated.

Hope you had fun where you headed.


11.09.11 South Coast Posse Wax's Up.....