Ok, so I had to go down for some meetings to the SW on Friday and Saturday.

The meetings meant that the likelihood of actually getting wet was slim, but that didn't stop me looking at every turn.

Along the way I discovered a new spot down a cliff, bit of a trek up and down - but clean and deserted, one for next time! ;0)

Admittedly had been looking at it for a while on the map and was vaguely aware of it, but nice to see in the flesh anyway.

Also saw some fun waves coming in at one of my favourite beaches - making it even more gut wrenching, but with the light fading fast & the tide rising it was one of those, where the pics looked better than it actually was.

Saturday saw more clean waves at the main town beach in the evening, but as you can see it had turned into "muppet-ville", so that put me off.

Went to the local pub instead (http://www.bayviewinn.ndo.co.uk/index.htm) and had the biggest rack of ribs you've ever seen. Was so much I had to get a doggy bag & ate them again the next night - just as good - yummy!

So annoyingly drove 600 miles and didn't get to surf :0(

But what comes around goes around, and have a new spot to add to my list for next time......


14.10.11 Two Days of Meetings :0(