The Cavemeister came round just after lunch and we roared off, we seemed to find traffic jams everywhere - that's why I hate driving in the day = grrrr!

It looked like we wouldn't get down in time, a minor head on with a lorry  on a hump back bridge was almost the last straw (managing to stop with just 6ft to spare)! But we made it with half an hour to spare, suited-up quickly and scored some fun sunset-ty waves to ourselves.

We decided to drive to a spot I knew, on the way, up the A road, a car crossed the carriageway - driving straight towards us, the car in front had to go in the middle of the road, we followed. as the car coming the wrong way went past us on our hard shoulder. No idea what was going on, but a close shave - &*%^ing nutter!

Saturday dawned and we rose to sunshine and some fun waves. We had it to ourselves for a while (the walk always puts people off), the banks weren't quite right. The lefts's were closing out a bit, and only the rights were doing their thang. Which made for some fun / steep backside tack-offs.

Out, just as the late morning crew were arriving, food and a mini-siesta, before going in again (just as everyone else was leaving), so we had it to ourselves at high tide with some pumping rights coming in.

The evening was spent in town, so back to civilization for us nomads, met up with Russell, Rich Dana & Lizzy and the night proceeded to get jolly. The night club, which is always a good crack, didn't disappoint! Rich got punched by the rugby guys = bloody nose, the bearded man on the stripper pole was a sight to see.

Everyone had fun, Cave and I bailed at 2am, went home to "La Bestia" and headed to another spot I thought might be okay for the 'morrow. We rose, suited and booted, walked through the fields, up through the forest, looked over the cliff = flat ! :0(

So back to "La Bestia", breakfast and then to the main town beach, which was okay / fun. But the wind was on it, which didn't make it great, so after a quick lunch and we headed home.

Hope you had fun wherever you went.....


22.10.11 Two Action Packed Adventure Filled Days.......