The year started with a hangover - as per usual ! But my to-do list seemed to bigger than usual, this year I aim to achieve them all...........we'll see!

Anyway, got in touch with my ace web developer in the 'borough and headed up.

Now "La Bestia" ( hadn't seen any action for a few weeks, so some dusting off was needed. I was also a bit nervous about the weather (as you are at this time of year), temps were dipping down to -2c, but if her heater held I knew she could handle it.

So up I went, uneventfully (just the way I like it), the Rozza sat at the Shell petrol station near Grimsby didn't batter an eye as I whizzed past at around 1am.

Now van living is an acquired art, especially in winter, but I had the hot shower working and heater so spent my evening warm and tosty - listening to world events on Radio 4. The trick is always to find a sweet place to park and I have one or two in / around the 'boro.

The lack of surf meant that I actually got some work done which is cool, fixing little IT bugs, adding new features to the website, doing the social media stuff and so on.

Then in the evening pretending to be a local at the supermarket and things like visits to B&Q to get new strip lights were all part of the fun(!) - why do they make it so difficult to change small strip lights = fiddly.

On Wednesday whilst walking past the amusements on South Bay, I randomly came across Scarborough Gig's being painted and had a natter with your man. the boat he was painting was 35 years old - which I thought was pretty cool. He was keen to recruit me to the team, till he learnt I was a visiting Southerner! Having had a nice evening conversation and getting high on the resin fumes I left with a smile on my face. :0)

I had the idea that I might get wet on Thursday, but once I had got my work done despite checking a couple of spots I couldn't entice myself in. There was a guy getting out at Cayton and if my pics look good, it's because I'm a great photographer!

So I decided to head home in the beautiful sunset.....

Loads of 6ft Stuff happening at the moment, so really exciting times.

If you're off surfing this weekend catch one for me - feeling rather wave starved, but the party season continues this weekend.....! ;0)


09.01.12 La Bestia does Scarborough in January