With no warning the other half threw a surprise trip together of a week in Morocco, never known to turn down a freebie - I jumped on it.

Hiring a cheap but cheerful bright yellow huage car – see car versus camel pic !

We arrived on the 9th of Feb and by the time we had arrived at the pad ( http://www.surfberbere.com ) I was knackered from the mad drive from the airport. So we had a bash at a quick beachie, nearby………which quenched the thirst a bit.

But the next day, that beachie wasn’t going to keep me sated. So I went out hunting in the undercover yellow midget, and came across a cliff, with a right coming in……

The jump-off entailed scaling down a cliff and throwing yourself in; as I was climbing down several guys were getting out – getting bashed around the rocks at the base of the cliff – nice! Got out easily enough, amazing what a duck diving incentive a 400ft cliff behind is an incentive to get them right!

Once, outback, as ever it was bigger than it looked, but I managed to snag a couple of overhead backside screamers, and was stoked. And was even stoked to see photogs get a couple of my first overhead surfing shots - just to be clear not the first time I have surfed overhead waves, by any means, but am normally by myself, or it’s pissing with rain.
Now when a chick trip you have to cater to the chick too, and do chick stuff - so everyone’s happy, or better put she is! See touristy pics / scenic pics = a day not surfing! :0( But I cleverly I managed to keep these non-surf related sojourns to one day events, thus guaranteeing the maximum water time in a week.

A day later, I went back to my cliff break, looked the same jumped in, but the rip was ridiculous, I was literally moving at 30ft a second. Talk about paddling in a river……. Got out after a while and headed to a beachie…..

The next day was another lay day (read chick-day!), but the day after the swell pushed I headed to the main point, first time out and it was double overhead on the point. I jumped off lower down the point, just to ensure I didn’t get mashed  on the paddle out. Got in the spot and scored some fun well overhead waves, you can even see a sequence of one of my rights……..went for ever on my yellow Fluid Juice semi-gun – super stoked.

The next day too I went back for seconds, the old, old ploy of great place to sunbathe on the rocks honey, ensured another two hour plus session!!!

We even drove up the coast exploring, and there seemed to be lots of suitable spots, which I craned my neck at, as I drove past. We headed to a spot, an hour and a half North, called Imsouane……....know it get’s good on it’s day (or at least the pics show that), but that was not it’s day – won’t be going back – that’s the nicest I can be about the place!

Other highlights included, amazing sunsets, lovely sweet tea (as there was no alcohol or anything else….), full body massages for me & the chick for the 14th – so romantic duty done….!

Overall a fun week away, clearly doesn’t do the country any justice (like people going to South America for a month), but got a flavour, learnt some Arabic, made some new friends, surfed some cranking waves = stoked.

Back in Blighty on the night of the 16th, nice fun warm February week away, thanks honey for the trip, let’s do it again next year!?!

-6ftSurfer x

Photo Creds to Rachid & Majek for shots of me surfing - both pros and good at what they do – thanks guys.

09.02.11 Morocco