Went up to Scarborough to do web stuff with Sie, including adding this blog feature to the site - so it was a successful trip!

Went up in "La Bestia", and kipped where ever I could park, have my favourite spot in Scarb's with a primo sea view! ;0)

As well as doing work I also did some exploring as usual, down hills and through valleys and found a primo looking right reef / point setup thingy. Clearly there was not enough swell for this trip, but for the next one……….! ;0)

Having done the work needed, Sie and i decided to go and see our mate James down in Newquay who hasn't been too well. Six and a half hours later we had a arrived (pretty good time from Scarborough in "La Bestia"), the next morning we got wet in shoulder high waves, which were fun.

Stayed a few days in Newquay visiting James and took the girls out to the local amusement park - a bit of back to one's childhood for a few hours, throwing ourselves down slides and stuff, non-stop fun! 

Then back home, dropping Sie off at the train, and then the following weekend down to Newquay again - can't get enough me……….!

Was one of those trips where I was going for other reasons rather than just surfing, ie work and stuff. So needless to say the swell was flat, but hey ho, you win some and loose some.

The next weekend I was back in Kernow again, and the following weekend too; so in about 10 days I did over 2,500 miles = loads of tarmac time.

Hopefully for my next lot of adventures I'll get more waves along the was....! ;0)


06.04.11 2,500 miles in 10 days.....