Basically went down to deepest darkest Cornwall for the weekend, with Gibbo & Ricky (the Teignmouth local!).

Friday morning we headed down the Coast, where I ended up surfing the lefts which provided long rides of 80m to 100m, with only a couple of other people out – think Gibbo was with me for a while. Epic shoulder to head high plus offshores cranking in - super stoked all day.....

Saturday was more or less a repeat of the previous day, and on Sunday, although the wind got on it, it was still good fun, although with a lot of paddling. But Ricky & I still managed to get some the nice left's that although less clean and not breaking as long were still fun.

Monday and we headed to the rivermouth break, which had some fun head high cleanish waves coming in. We paddled out, only to got the set on the head; and it soon  became a bit of a major paddle session again (the story of the weekend!) - caught a few, wasn’t fit enough, but got a few and got out.

Meanwhile in the car park, although I'm not a motorbike fan I too can appreciate beauty! A lovely blue Classic Triumph – what a beaut.....

And then a model T-Ford…….cool!?!

Went up to north, on the way passing by a gramophone shop - I kid you not, checkout the site: - buy a classic, go on you know you want to! ;0)

Anyway spent the arvo in Newquay chilled, caught up with a couple of mates, and then headed back late avoiding all the traffic :0)

Hope you had fun whatever you did........


22.04.11 Easter