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East Coast 31/01/15 – 01/02/15 – Wednesday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Scarborough – but does go from the tip of Norfolk up to Newcastle.


Saturday will see overhead swell, with cross-shore to cross-onshore winds, Sunday will see a bit more swell but the strong winds will remain. Local knowledge and making full use of spots that can handle the winds will be key. Norfolk will be a bit smaller, but still head high throughout, especially on Sunday, but the winds will be primarily cross-onshore / cross-shore, Easterly to South Easterly facing spots are your best bet. So the wrap –around spots would be our call. So wherever you are headed there is swell, pray for more Westerly in the winds and make full use of any shelter from the winds you can find, good hunting…………


Swell: 5-7ft Wind: NNW force 5-7


Swell: 5-7ft plus Wind: NNW force 5-7

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