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East Coast 11/12/10 – 12/12/10 – Thursday Arvo. Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Scarborough – but does go from the tip of Norfolk up to Newcastle.


Right there is swell, but the strong winds on Saturday will not allow a lot in, so swell amplifying spots, that can handle the winds are the call. By Sunday it’ll all go out of the window though, as the winds go onshore. Norfolk will also have a wave in the same size ranges, spots like Cromer down and maybe even the legendary Mundersley banks (at Low on the push will work)!?! Mind the snow and ice if you have some!?!


Swell: 2-4ft Wind: NW force 3-5 plus


Swell: 3-5ft plus Wind: NE force 3-5

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