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East Coast 22/10/16 – 23/10/16 Friday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Scarborough – but does go from the tip of Norfolk up to Newcastle.


Head high on Saturday with strong cross-onshore winds, bringing swell, but it will be lumpy and onshore as a result. Sunday will see the swell build to overhead, and the winds continue to be moderate cross-onshore. Only a handful of spots will be rideable overall, due to the winds. Norfolk will have less wind and as a result less swell, being 1-3ft throughout. If you can find the spot that can handle the winds it’ll be cooking, otherwise onshore slop is all you will get……….…


Swell: 4-6ft plus Wind: NE force 4-6


Swell: 5-7ft Wind: NE force 4-6

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