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Scotland 10/03/12 – 11/03/12 – Tuesday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Thurso, but may also mention Edinburgh and Machrihanish in the recommendation area.


Big (building) swell with strong cross-offshore winds throughout, meaning spots that can handle the winds will be cooking (spots with cliffs to shelter under would be our call). By Sunday the swell will be bigger still, but the winds will be cross-offshore. The East Coast will not get much wrap around swell due to the offshore winds and the track of the Low pressures - it’ll be waist high at best throughout. The West Coast will be in the 2-4ft range at best, due to the Northerly positioning of the Low’s and the High pushing up through Southern England and the winds blowing what there is up and away from this Coast. So a Northerly weekend it is, hunt, find shelter and you should score it good. Stay tuned for further updates, as things may well change as the week goes on…………


Swell: 7-9ft plus Wind: SW force 4-6


Swell: 9-11ft Wind: SW force 4-6

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