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Scotland 02/11/13 – 03/11/13 – Thursday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Thurso, but may also mention Edinburgh and Machrihanish in the recommendation area.


Head high for the North Coast with moderate South Westerly winds on Saturday, so a bit of shelter is your best bet to get something clean and fun. But by finding the shelter, expect to loose a bit of size. Sunday will see the swell drop a bit, as the wind goes onshore, making what there is messy. The East Coast will be surf surf at best if not flat overall, due to the offshore winds, and lack of swell, Sunday will not be much better. The West Coast will be shoulder high and cross-onshore on Saturday, then going to head high for Sunday, again with cross-shore winds (but from the North West), so a bit lumpy overall. A bit of a mixed bag really, the North Coast is your best bet, good hunting…..


Swell: 7-9ft plus Wind: SW force 3-5


Swell: 3-5ft Wind: NW force 3-5 plus

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