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Scotland 15/11/14 – 16/11/14 – Thursday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Thurso, but may also mention Edinburgh and Machrihanish in the recommendation area.


Shoulder high plus with fresh cross-offshore winds for the North Coast on Saturday, Sunday will see a bit more swell get in theory, but the winds may get ugly. The East Coast will be vary between 4-6ft plus to 5-7ft by Sunday, the winds will be strong throughout, South Easterly force 4-6 plus on Saturday, building to 5-7 plus and going Easterly, South Easterly for Sunday. So you’ll have a fine line between getting lumpy swell and trying to something clean, hunt and you may find. The West Coast will have strong offshore winds throughout and no swell, nothing will get in due to the roaring offshore winds. So the North Coast looks worth a gander on Saturday, Sunday will entail a bit of hunting though, as the winds might get a bit too strong and have a too much East in it. The East Coast will be worth a snifter too, but winds again will be a pain. So hunt everywhere and you may find = good hunting…………


Swell: 3-5ft plus Wind: SE force 2-4 plus


Swell: 4-6ft Wind: ESE force 3-5 plus

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