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Scotland 14/11/15 – 15/11/15 – Thursday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Centred on Thurso, but may also mention Edinburgh and Machrihanish in the recommendation area.


Well over head throughout on the North Coast with strong cross-shore winds on Saturday, making what there is pretty lumpy – find shelter. Sunday will see the swell drop marginally, but still be overhead, whilst the winds will drop to moderate cross-offshore. The East Coast will be about 4-6ft plus on Saturday with strong offshore winds, Sunday will see the swell drop away to only about 1-3ft, and the winds will go moderate cross-onshore. The West Coast will be 3-5ft on Saturday, coming up from the South, and with strong cross-onshore winds. Sunday will see the swell still coming up from the South at about the same height, but still with strong South Westerly winds pushing it. So the North Coast looks to be best on Sunday, but the East Coast looks fun on Saturday day too. Hunt and ye shall find……….


Swell: 7-9ft plus Wind: W force 5-7


Swell: 4-6ft Wind: SE force 3-5 plus

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