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South Coast 01/10/16 – 02/10/16 Tuesday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Lands End to Bantham, mainly based around Praa Sands (does NOT include Dorset nor Sussex, unless specifically stated – although clearly if we believe it to be cranking we will mention it, but it has to be over 2ft for us to even care). Note: certain swell amplifying spots may add an additional 2-3ft plus in deepest South Coast Kernow, those in the know will be well aware of this, so hunt and ye shall find……..


Head high throughout, with moderate predominantly cross-shore winds on Saturday and Sunday. Spots East of Devon will be in the 1-3ft plus range on Saturday, but by Sunday the swell will jump to head high with strong cross-shore winds. A fun one overall everywhere, but it’ll only really happen at spots that can handle the winds. Stay tuned as things may change as the week goes on……….…


Swell: 4-6ft Wind: WSW force 3-5


Swell: 4-6ft Wind: W force 4-6

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