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Wales 11/01/14 – 12/01/14 – Tuesday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Wales – From East of Skomer, to Fresh West, the Gower, Porthcawl and beyond. Areas North / North West of this we consider to be semi-secret / not to be shouted about a lot!


Head on Saturday, with moderate to strong cross-shore winds on Saturday, so head to spots that can handle the winds. Sunday will see the swell drop a bit, but the winds will still be moderate to strong cross-shore. Spots that can handle the winds, and get shelter from the winds will be key. Fun and bashable at times, but hunting and luck will be key. Stay tuned for further updates, as things may change as the week goes on…………


Swell: 4-6ft Wind: SW force 3-5 plus


Swell: 3-5ft Wind: SW force 3-5

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