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Wales 05/03/16 – 06/03/16 – Tuesday Version......  
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Areas Covered:

Wales – From East of Skomer, to Fresh West, the Gower, Porthcawl and beyond. Areas North / North West of this we consider to be semi-secret / not to be shouted about a lot!


Shoulder high with moderate cross-offshore winds (for Westerly spots) on Saturday, Sunday will see the swell drop to chest high, still with moderate cross-offshore winds. Head to swell amplifying spots, that will offer a cliff or some protection from the winds to get the most of what there is, and stay tuned, as things may change as the week develops……….…


Swell: 3-5ft plus Wind: NE force 3-5


Swell: 2-4ft Wind: NE force 3-5

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