About 6ftOffshore.com

6ftOffshore.com originally launched in 2001 breaking the mould of how surfers got surf information, bringing a combination of live information and surf outlooks of what was coming in the medium to long range.

It was the first multi-media delivered inshore wave data service in the world, providing users with the information they wanted via: E-mail, SMS, IVR, WAP and on the Web.

People soon tried to emulate us, but our close relationship to exclusive data sources enabled us to stand out from the crowd - we were the only third party site permitted to carry a Met Office logo.

We have always prided ourselves on supplying accurate data that our users could rely on.

During this phase of our development we sent over 500,000 requested SMS’s, and over 2 million requested e-mails, and our website hits set new records for a surf information site in their day.

Over the years we have changed and continued to develop, however we are still dedicated to providing accurate and groundbreaking wave information for the mainland UK, which means that our users will………...surf more with 6ftOffshore.com!

We continue to have unrivalled access to wide sources of data and contacts within the meteorological community. We gather data from far and wide, as well as using our local knowledge of each location to give an accurate picture of what is happening and what is coming.

Over the next 6 months we will be developing and changing rapidly, as we make more information available to our users, providing an unrivalled service for the UK surfer. 

FAQ’s / Questions

Will you be covering other areas apart from mainland UK?
Yes, obviously the first area that we will add will be Ireland (as a whole), then other areas will follow……

Why do you size your waves from the front and not the back?
Well quite simply, when did you last get the back of the wave in the face?! We work on the face for height as that is what you are duck-diving and riding. We also size it in feet in relation to your height, give or take a foot! So a head high wave is approximately 6ft in size………

You only seem to provide information for the weekend, what about surf during the

This is an area we are addressing, and have a team working on this as we speak, stay tuned / watch this place, things will be changing soon……

Why do you feel that your forecasts are more accurate than others?
 Rather than depending solely on automated systems, we have direct feeds to data and more importantly expert meteorologists who have been doing this for years. This latter factor and the fact that they know 90% of the spots you are surfing at we know help to make our forecasts more accurate than others.

Can I advertise my business through your service?
Yes, contact us directly and we will discuss what we can offer you.